DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY. With finishes that seem to have been hand-sculpted and green technologies that ensure sustainability of Mother Earth, the Hasen Collection, one of the newest creations of URREA for the bathroom environment, is delightful to the senses and practical for those who seek a more ecological lifestyle. Faucets, handles, towel bars/rings and soap dishes, each and every one of the elements of this series seems to be the product of a parallel universe where all the objects are beautiful in detail.
Ezequiel Farca, the award-winning designer in charge of this collection, described Hasen as a splendid combination of "innovation, eclecticism, experimentation, reinvention, asymmetry, sensuality, daring and fusion".
In 2015, he received the A´Design Bronze Award for the HASEN collection he created for URREA. The A 'Design Award is the world’s largest design competition, conferring best design awards for every stage: design concept, prototype and finished product.


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