CONTRACT is the URREA collection created exclusively to complement your residential and hotel architecture projects.

The CONTRACT designs were created with two simple geometric concepts in mind. The first, round shapes and soft lines; the second, a style of distinct straight lines and angles.
Sustainable technology and excellent quality accord CONTRACT a superior value. Its different styles adapt to the interior design proposals of any project, magnifying the bathroom area.

The product catalogue includes single-lever mixers for sinks and built-in mixers for showers in each of the designs.

•   The best warranties on the market
A)  10-years for chrome finishes
B)  A lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
•  A lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
A)  Ceramic cartridges with a pressure balance option for built-in mixers       
B)  Environmentally-friendly honeycomb aerators with key coin       
C)  Flexible, stainless steel hoses
•   Programmed product availability
A)  Inventory of products for large orders       
B)  Inventory of replacement parts

CONTRACT’s sustainable technology and superior quality are backed by Mexican government regulations


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