TRANSITIONAL AND ECOLOGICAL. The new YAZ Collection evolves from the traditional to the modern style as it makes any bathroom look ecological.
This innovative and progressive collection offers several qualities, highlighting the elegance with which the designer reinterprets and synthesizes classical forms to make them contemporary. Like the musical genre with the same name, the pieces that make up the YAZ portfolio are elegant and complex, the product of an admirable process of abstraction and execution. The water will be music to your ears as it falls. It is, undoubtedly, an amazing orchestration in terms of interior design.
In addition, thanks to the PVD process, another innovation by URREA, your fixture's finish will last much longer.

PVD process
Physical Vapor Deposition is a process used to apply the faucet's finishing coat at the molecular level, creating a hard surface, which is the most durable finish at present. Products that undergo PVD do not rust, fade or lose their shine. Even those parts exposed to wear and tear, such as handles, do not show wear over time.
This latest-generation finish is resistant to more than 100 cleaning products and extreme environmental conditions, such as salinity and hard water.


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