How do I make the warranty valid for my

the case

Call 01 800 00 URREA (87732) to report the case.


The operator will analyze the case and point out the process to be followed, either contacting a distributor to change the part, providing telephone assistance or assigning a technician to check the product and its installation.

VISIT the final consumer

The operator will provide a case number to monitor your request. All progress information (opening, tracking and closing) of the case report will be issued via e-mail or by telephone.


Finally, a satisfaction survey will be sent to you.

Products under
strict specifications

URREA manufactures products under strict internal quality specifications and offers a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser that the product is free from manufacturing defects with regard to materials and labor.

The finishes are guaranteed against manufacturing defects with 10-year warranties for chrome and 2-year warranties forr all other finishes.

Electronic components are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 2 years.

We offer a 50-year warranty for URREA ceramic furniture, a 10-year warranty for ORION ceramic furniture, and a 1-year warranty for their components.

URREA Plastic Line: This line has a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

URREA Sanitary line: For positive pressure attenuators, air admittance valves and hydrostatic test stoppers we offer a "lifetime guarantee" against any manufacturing defects and, in the event of any problem of this nature, the product will be replaced at no cost to the purchaser. 10-year warranty for drainage check valves, 1-year warranty for WC sanitary joints.

URREA Pipes: Our pipe products have a 50-year warranty on manufacturing defects.

Call us with any warranty request at 01 800 00 URREA (87732) or via e-mail

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