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HOME Products Bathroom Institutional Line Wall-hung toilet bowl for flushometer
New Release

Wall-hung toilet bowl for flushometer

Wall-hung elongated toilet bowl for flushometer 4.8 LPF and MAP: 1000 gr. Enameled trap. Includes heavy-duty anti-vandalism seat, spud and y attaching system for solid wall.

Code 72.7305.23
Style Modern
Material Vitrified ceramic
Pressure 2.5 kgf/cm2
Water consumption 4.8 LPD
Fluid Water


Good flushing performance is key to achieving significant water savings. Therefore, ORION toilet bowls demonstrate their high performance with a flushing capacity of 1,000 grams / 35.27 oz.


ORION toilet bowls have enamelled traps and walls to facilitate complete waste removal and prevent the build-up of waste deposits and bacteria.

  • Ecological Grade
  • Ecological discharge
  • Easy clean-up
  • Superior Performance
  • Glazed Trapway
  • AhorraPlus®.
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