Our responsibility is and will always be in favor of a better Mexico, with greater employment opportunities, environmental preservation and support to the community, whose development is the result of the actions of its companies and citizens.

For URREA, Corporate Responsibility is a philosophy of life that encompasses all of our organization's divisions and the groups we work with, in order to remain sustainable not only with regard to financial matters, but also in all community and environmental aspects.

To this end, over the years, the company has worked on strategies and projects that promote this commitment, obtaining many certifications and awards supporting our actions, such as the Socially Responsible Company Award from 2012 to date, the Best Mexican Companies recognition since 2011 , Clean Industry, given by the U.S. Green Building Council, Environmental Voluntary Compliance, GHG-2 Award, Integrated Management System (ISO 9001:2008,  14001:2004), Mexican Official Standard (NOM, Norma Oficial Mexicana), ANCE, Distintivo H, Global Compact Network,, Inclusive Company Award, among others.

In URREA, there are 4 pillars on which we base our corporate responsibility. In accordance with each of them, the company has invested, designed and focused its efforts and actions in order to pursue our social commitments:


  • Bonding with our community
  • Environmental protection
  • Quality of life in URREA
  • Business ethics

For Grupo URREA®

For URREA, Tecnología para vivir el agua, it is an honor to be recognized by the Mexican Center for Philantropy (CEMEFI, Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía) as a Socially Responsible Company, keeping in mind our strong commitment to keep working every day in a better way for the benefit of our employees and partners, our community and environment, and each year, we confirm this commitment.


Committed to community development, URREA supports programs that benefit vulnerable groups such as children, seniors and people with disabilities, through partnerships with Government Institutions and Civil Society organizations (CSO).

In recent years we have held different events for our community such as:

  • Holiday celebrations at Casa hogar “Guadalajara”
  • Cash and in-kind donations to the Red Cross, Migrants, the New Civil Hospital and Fray Antonio Alcalde Hospital, Hospital 180 Tlajomulco and the Pink Cross, among other associations.
  • “Suetertón” and “Juguetón” Programs (Clothing, blankets and shoes donations to surrounding communities).
  • Collaboration with the State Water Commission in Jalisco.
  • Support for the victims of natural disasters.
  • Delivery of food to elementary schools.
  • Urrea in your Community.

Grupo URREA believes that the value of our people, their commitment and excellence constitute a solid platform for the success of our company.


At URREA, every day we strive to offer our employees a safe and harmonious environment that enhances their talent. Our employee programs focus on three areas:


  • Health Campaign
  • Safety Week
  • Nursing Room
  • Nutrition
  • Massages
  • Dental Service
  • Eye Health
  • Vaccination campaign
  • CC Cancer detection
  • Breast cancer screening
  • Specialized Exams
  • Metabolic syndrome Detection
  • Activate URREA
  • Massage Service


  • Career and Company Loyalty Recognition event
  • Christmas Bazaar
  • School Fair
  • Yo soy URREA Committee
  • GPTW Campaigns
  • Recognition by the Ideas Incubator
  • Employee of the Month
  • Aplauso Program
  • School Support


  • Annual Convention
  • Leaders' Forum.
  • Grupo URREA's Anniversary
  • URREA University
  • Yo soy URREA Committee
  • Personal Training Program
  • Urrea TechDay
  • Ash Rituals
  • Smile Mailbox
  • Women's Day
  • World Water Day
  • Open House
  • Child's Day
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • National Holidays
  • Thanksgiving Mass on December 12
  • Environmental Protection Workshops
  • Company Soccer Tournament
  • Day of the Dead contests
  • Posadas Christmas parties
  • Race for health
  • Team Building
  • Flexible Schedules
  • English Lessons
  • Life balance Workshops
  • Reading Club
  • URREA Library
  • Donate $1 peso Program


Aware of the environmental impact, in URREA we have made investments in facilities and programs for the use and utilization of the resources of the environment in a responsible way. This has led us to be recognized with important Incentives and Certifications.

Over the years, URREA has participated and collaborated in different events promoting and generating awareness of the care of the vital liquid, water; in addition it improved its facilities to generate a greater use, we collaborate with the State Water Commission of Jalisco (CEA, Comisión Estatal del Agua), in environmental projects and promoting the "Culture of Water". These efforts have managed to position the organization as one of the companies responsible for environmental actions.

Some of the actions that have been carried out in Urrea focused on environmental care are:

  • Eco-efficiency
  • Environmental education
  • Reforestation
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Recycling


During 2010 there was an approach with representatives of the State Water Commission (CEA) Jalisco, who attended the facilities of URREA Dando Vida al Agua to evaluate the practices that carried out in the responsible care of this vital liquid, In order to integrate it into its population awareness programs on responsible water care and use. Since then, URREA participates with the Commission in the promotion of water care.


As part of Urrea's Social Responsibility strategy in the Environmental pillar, since 2012, a reforestation is carried out annually in one of the forests located in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara. For this, it has a synergy with Extra A. C, an association responsible for managing the logistics of reforestation and donating the specimens that will be planted. Urrea, on the other hand, invites all its collaborators and families to join this action in order to strengthen their environmental education and reduce air pollution in the city.


URREA takes care of the environment through its practices. Our new water treatment plant allows us to eliminate discharges into the drainage network. Treated water is in equal or better conditions than it was taken from nature, and it is used to water gardens at our facilities.


Urrea, along with the Swedish Embassy in Mexico, participates as a sponsor of the Water Youth Prize, in which students from public and private Universities in our country present innovative projects related to the care and good management of this vital liquid. Our company provides monetary support to the winning team to go to Sweden representing Mexico and present their Project before the contest to the Swedish Government


Currently, 90% of the electric energy used by URREA comes from wind farms free from contaminating gases, that is to say sustainable clean energy, thus maximizing the profitability of the company and minimizing the environmental impact, as well as reduce up to 681 tons of CO2 per month.


GEI Mexico is a voluntary nationwide program for calculation and report of greenhouse gases and promotion of projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


In URREA we live the business ethic as a daily practice of the company; its greatest expression and pillars are in the Code of Ethics that we constantly update and promote with our collaborators and suppliers.

Similarly, we implement our Code of Conduct to guide each one of our collaborators towards best practices. In addition, we have policies that complement and strengthen ethics as a constant in daily coexistence within the organization.

Additionally, we know the importance of the relationships with chambers for continuous improvement and proactive action of our value chain. It is thus that URREA is currently partner of COPARMEX, COMCE de Occidente and the Chamber of the Metal Industry of Guadalajara, to keep working closely and to promote improvements in the industry.

Communication is an important pillar in ethics. Transparency and participation create a more harmonious working environment. Thus, year after year the annual convention is held, where the efforts and achievements of the collaborators are rewarded and the results obtained in the previous year and the objectives of the year, as well as the developments and plans of the company are announced, motivating the whole working group to grow and support the success in the expectations of this great organization.

Finally, and in an integral way with our business ethics, we complement our ethical actions fulfilling the obligations and commitments with third parties, we invest in external audit for a professionalized growth, we have the Clean industry certification, we participated in the training before the Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS, Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social) and express the importance of our organization accepting and disseminating the SRC Decalogue. These efforts place URREA with its collaborators, stakeholders and shareholders as a solid company committed to Corporate Social Responsibility.

For Urrea, "Tecnología para vivir el agua", the voice of our human factor is very important, that is why “Urrea te escucha” was created, support tool to make reports related to inappropriate behaviors by any collaborator, who put both human and material values of the organization at risk.

This program is managed by the firm Deloitte, which receives all the allegations anonymously and channels them to the URREA’s Ethics and Culture Committee, formed mainly by the General Coordination.

Its objective is to monitor and procure ethical conduct within the organization. Similarly, it seeks to improve the working environment and generate confidence among the collaborators that integrate the organization.


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