We are a socially responsible company committed to community development, so we are constantly innovating in the sustainable management of water.

URREA products are designed with high technology offering benefits that guarantee supreme quality, a great enjoyment of water and a responsible consumption. This is the case with our SecureFlow ® cartridges, SmartFlow ® Aerators or DuraKrome ® finish that guarantees the shine and durability of all products, both in chrome finish and stainless steel. In addition, we manufacture many products with low lead content, maintaining our commitment to care for your health and your family.

Water saving

This symbol indicates that the product offers low water consumption according to international water-saving standards.


URREA uses SecureFlow ® cartridges manufactured with the highest technology that allows the handles to operate smoothly and regulates the water flow, guaranteeing longer durability. Ceramic cartidges that guarantee a longer product life.


SmartFlow ® Aerators allow you to maximize the sensations on your skin thanks to the combination of water and air, coupled with easy cleaning and considerable water savings, making them your best option. Aerators that combine water and air maximize

DuraKrome® finish

URREA's Durakrome ® finish guarantees durability and shine in all our products. In addition to a wide variety of finishes, we can guarantee that your product will remain impeccable and perfect for many years. Finishes that guarantee durability and

1/4 turn Ceramic Cartridge

This cartridge offers a guaranteed minimum of 50.000 cycles. It complies with all the materials and strength standards established by the industry. -It has a ceramic closing system that minimizes damage caused by water impurities.

1/4 Reversible turn Ceramic cartridge

This cartridge has the added convenience of turning left or right. It offers a guaranteed minimum of 50.000 cycles. It complies with all the materials and strength standards established by the industry. It has a ceramic system.

Flexible Hoses

This product has flexible hoses that make installation easier and safer.

Easy clean-up

URREA's easy clean-up system in its showers uses rubber water outlets, which allow for the easy removal of mineral incrustations and obstructions by suspended solids in the water

Progressive cartridge

This product contains a progressive cartridge with a minimum guaranteed operation of 50.000 cycles. -It contains a rotary mixer that always starts with cold water to prevent burns. The cartridge of this product is fitted with ceramic discs

Cartridge with medium and low pressure operation

The stem of this cartridge is made of 100% high caliber brass. This cartridge helps the product work properly either at medium or low pressure without reducing the water flow.

URREA Low Lead

The product is low in lead, keeping our commitment to taking care of your health through technologies to experience water straight from its natural source.

Diverter Cartridge

The stem of this cartridge is made of 100% high caliber brass. This product's cartridge helps divert the water flow either to the tub outlet or to the shower without reducing the flow rate.

Epoxy enamel

The epoxy enamel on our safety bars helps in the prevention of bacteria and fungi; therefore it is ideal for hospitals, hotels, the food industry and all those areas where antibacterial protection is required.


The product is powered by a long-life lithium battery.

Electric current

The product works using a power transformer/AC adapter.

Rain shower

Soft rain feeling.

Continuous flow

Revitalizing sensation with a dynamic and generous water flow.

Mixed flow

A combination of gentle and dynamic rain flow.


Meets the requirements of the Official Mexican standard.


ORION toilets were designed with responsible water consumption as a priority, and therefore meet all Ecological Grade requirements, which make them environmentally-friendly.


Good flushing performance is key to achieving significant water savings. Therefore, ORION toilet bowls demonstrate their high performance with a flushing capacity of 1,000 grams / 35.27 oz.


ORION toilet bowls have enamelled traps and walls to facilitate complete waste removal and prevent the build-up of waste deposits and bacteria.

ErgoTech® Design

Because we know that aesthetics and comfort are important to you, our versatile designs harmonize with your bathroom environment, and adapt to the human body to offer a greater level of comfort.

10-Year Warranty

10 year warranty for ceramic and 1 year warranty for metallic parts.

Ecological Grade

The Mexican National Water Commission (Spanish: CONAGUA) created the Ecological Grade certification to certify toilet bowls that use less than 5 liters (1.32 gal) of water per flush. URREA Ecological toilets have been certified by CONAGUA. When you b

Ecological discharge

The responsible consumption of water is our highest priority . Therefore, all our toilets comply with ecological grade standards, making us more enviromentally friendly.

Superior Performance

Optimal flushing and performance is key, proving our toilets' 1,000 grams flush capacity.

Glazed Trapway

URREA toilets have fully glazed trapways and walls, facilitating a COMPLETE flush and preventing the buildup of waste and bacteria on the walls.

Comfortable height

Design and comfort are important for us, our designs add harmony to the bath enviorment, and adapt to the human body to offer the greatest comfort on the market.

50-year warranty

50-year warranty for URREA ceramics and 1- year warranty for metallic parts.


German technology offering a soft close which minimizes impact and wear in all furniture drawers.


Mexican Standard NMX-C-415-ONNCCE-2015"Construction Industry-Valves and faucets for water-specifications and test methods" .

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