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URREA is a Mexican company offering solutions for the responsible enjoyment of water for over 110 years. Our wide range of products provides a perfect balance between technology, design and sustainability, including taps, bathroom furniture and accessories.

Our collections have been created by nationally and internationally-recognized designers, who create every product with shapes and lines designed to extend the bathroom experience, from a space for personal hygiene to a place for reflection, tranquility and privacy.

URREA encompasses the following brands:

URREA: URREA offers comprehensive solutions for people to enjoy water responsibly at home.

STANZA: STANZA is our strategic alliance with leading manufacturers in Italy to offer bathroom interior design for the premium segment of the market.

DICA: The most comprehensive and cost-effective variety of products for the plumbing market.

ORION: Ceramic bathroom furniture with state-of-the-art technology and outstanding water-saving performance.

In addition, URREA offers comprehensive solutions for public restrooms that incorporate unique technology and designs, including special products to meet the needs of different sectors such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, malls, educational institutions, movie theaters, sports complexes, airports, etc.

Our mission

To help people enjoy water responsibly.

Our vision

To continue to be an international company offering leading brands.

Our values

Honesty, integrity and respect.

Corporate Vocation

URREA has a history rich in experience, as well as a vision of the future committed to innovation in the sustainable use of water, both in manufacturing processes which meet or exceed the strictest global environmental regulations, and in the design and development of products that allow people to enjoy water responsibly at all times.

We are the only Mexican company with over 100 years of experience offering 360° comprehensive solutions, with a portfolio that includes products both behind and in front of walls to enjoy and conduct water. Our products are present in your home, from its connection to the water main all the way to your bathroom, through pipes, valves, connectors, recessed valves, hoses, drains, faucets, showers, accessories and bathroom furniture.

Design, innovation, supreme quality, sustainability and technology are the brand pillars that guide our work. Based on these pillars, with over 100 years of experience, we have satisfied the needs of our customers, employees and many social groups influenced by our company, while closely observing all environmental regulations.

Urrea 360



URREA started operations in our first industrial plant, Válvulas Carrol.


The company adopted a new name, Fábrica de Válvulas.


The Nibco de México company was founded.


The URREA Tools division was established.


Nibco Inc. became a 100% Mexican company.


URREA celebrated 100 years by opening the largest and most modern distribution center in the industry.


The FARCA collection by STANZA was awarded the Red Dot Design Award and the Chicago Good Design Award.


Our company acquired the ORION Toilet Factory and consolidated itself as the market leader, offering complete systems for the bathroom environment and infrastructure. In this year, URREA opened its new plastics plant.


URREA renovated its corporate image and became the only company in Mexico to offer complete solutions for water use.


The NEO collection was recognized by the Interior Innovation Award (IIA) and URREA received the Superbrands 2014 certificate.


URREA was certified as a Great Place to Work, ISO 14001:2004, and its quality laboratory was accredited by the Mexican Accreditation Agency (Spanish: EMA). The HASEN collection was awarded the A´Design Award, and the YAZ collection was awarded the A! Diseño award.


URREA received the National Quality Award (NQA), the highest recognition at the national level.


URREA celebrated 110 years of tradition, pride, effort and dedication.


For the 8th consecutive year, URREA was awarded the Socially Responsible Business Distinction. URREA also obtained the Great Place to Work certification, nationally-ranked in 54th place.


URREA's commitment to its customers, the environment and the communities where it is located, as well as the quality of its processes and products, are an essential part of the company, which has received various national and international awards and certifications, such as:


  • Socially-responsible Company
  • Great Place to Work
  • Clean Industry
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • Best Mexican Companies (Spanish: Mejores Empresas Mexicanas)
  • Superbrands
  • GEI 2
  • EMA Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA)


  • Water Sense
  • Ecological grade
  • LEED
  • UPC
  • IAMPO Standards
  • NSF 61-9 (low lead content and low delivery of 15 metals and plastics)
  • ANCE
  • ASME A112.18.1 (Flow restriction)
  • ASME A112.18.3 (Cartridge quality and water tightness)
  • UPC (Functional qualities)
  • Official Mexican Standards (NOM)
  • Mexican National Organization for Standardization and Certification of Constructions and Buildings (ONNCE)


  • Good desing
  • Red dot
  • Interior Innovation award
  • A Desing award
  • National Quality Award (NQA)
  • Best Mexican Companies (Spanish: Mejores Empresas Mexicanas) GOLD


URREA, Technology to Enjoy Water, creates documents, implements, maintains, and improves an integrated management system, which includes a Quality Management System and an Environmental Management System that have been certified under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

The design, manufacture and distribution of comprehensive solutions to enjoy water are included in the scope of this system.

It includes: taps, bathroom accessories, pipes, valves, faucets, connectors, hoses, showerheads, flushometers and toilets.

The Integrated Management System is governed by the following policy:

Adhere to our business ideology to ensure customer satisfaction and improve environmental protection.

URREA, Technology to Enjoy Water, is committed to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, offering comprehensive solutions for the enjoyment of water, through the design, manufacture and distribution of taps, bathroom accessories, pipes, valves and connectors.


110 years of history in the industry, like that of URREA, is an indication of our effort and commitment to continue on the path of growth. Our corporate ideology states that: Honest companies must generate profits in order to ensure their survival and fulfill their responsibilities to their stakeholders:


We satisfy our clients by anticipating their needs and providing them with greater value through the innovation of products and services, with the support of our brands.


We satisfy our clients by anticipating their needs and providing them with greater value through the innovation of products and services, with the support of our brands.We respect our employees’ dignity, we promote their holistic development within a corporate environment that provides stability and a sense of belonging.


We contribute to the development of the communities where we work. We are committed to a strict corporate ethics with an approach that highlights inclusion, gender equality, transparency and philanthropy.


Our vocation is to respect and protect our natural resources by preventing pollution and providing sustainable products.


We provide a fair compensation to our shareholders for entrusting us with their capital. We are committed to profitable growth through the design, manufacture and marketing of comprehensive solutions and expansion to new markets.


URREA meets all legal requirements and other obligations to which we commit.


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Information Security Policy:

En URREA Tecnología para vivir el agua nos comprometemos a preservar y proteger la información contra amenazas internas y externas, mediante procesos de evaluación de riesgos, mejora continua y procedimientos legales, asegurando la disponibilidad, integridad y confiabilidad de los activos de la información.

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